7 best winter sports travel guides

skiing in different countries

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Travel Photo Art- Altitudes of the Alps

Switzerland’s Ticino Region

Engels  Paperback  9781946732897  29 november 2018  30 pagina’s

Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast

50 Classic Ski and Snowboard Tours in New England and New York

Ski Resort Map of the Alps

Dit is de eerste wintersportkaart die specifiek de bereikbaarheid per spoor van alle skistations in het Alpengebied (van Lyon tot Ljubljana en Milaan tot München) in kaart brengt.

ANWB extra – Ski Amadé
Ski British Columbia

Engels  Paperback  9780919433946  01 december 1991  192 pagina’s

Ski Touring

A Practical Manual

Fully revised and updated 2nd edition including an entirely new chapter on avalanches If you want to leave the confines of the piste, and explore the mountains and valleys beyond, then this is the book for you. Everything you need to make the transition from piste skiing to ski touring is here, from downhill off-piste and uphill skills to avalanche awareness.

All aspects are covered in detail, with clear descriptions and stunning photos. The first section of the book covers the knowledge and techniques required to travel beyond the marked trail. The second part contains a selection of Bruce’s favourite tours, in guidebook style, to help you plan your own backcountry adventure.

A Complete Guide to Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering

Including Useful Information for Off Piste Skiers and Snowboarders

This book is about Alpine ski Touring and takes you through a step by step guide on everything that you need to know to get you from a novice ski tourer into the professional. It covers all the salient points for moving on skis and explains how the technical equipment should be used including all the skills that are required to start touring as well as leading a group.

It can also be used as a guide for off piste skiers and snow boarders as well as Telemark and Nordic tourers. Each chapter has its own topic as the book takes you through well laid out progressions from your first steps uphill to longer tours moving from hut to hut over glaciated terrain. The photographs complement the text in every way giving a clearer picture of what the equipment looks like and how it should be used.

Nothing has been left out and some of the chapters explain all the points to be considered when planning a tour, or overnighting, as well as emergency procedures. And to make the tour safer there are chapters on avalanche awareness and weather. By the time you get to the end of the book you will be armed with all the skills, techniques and knowledge needed to go out and enjoy the sport of ski touring.

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